Simple info about me, my apps, and Carter's Cogs.


#1 Who are you and what is Carter's Cogs?

Currently it is just me, Josh Carter, a student at Auburn University in software engineering.  I started my App company, Carter's Cogs to start doing basic apps that would help me and hopefully help others in basic everyday things I found interesting or useful.


#2 Can I request apps done?

Sure you can request an app made.  If it is something I see value in I will make it!


#3 Can I recommend an upgrade?

Sure you can.  I may add it or may not.  Remember, I am in school so am doing all of this on the side for experience.



#4 Anything else to look forward to?

Sure there is! If anything, I want to add more scoreboards for different sports to help with other sports.




I now have a job with an app development company in Auburn.  myOCV is a great company, with a great staff that makes great apps for EMA, Schools, Sherrif's offices, and more.  Take a look!